About Us

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We believe gifting is an art form. But to us, it’s not enough to simply put pretty things inside a box. We value flawless execution and sound logistics as much as we do appearance. From start to finish, our clients are completely stress-free knowing their gifting is not merely beautiful, but also safely off of their shoulders and onto ours. 

Our Mission

We provide a platform that inspires individuals and companies to build and nurture lasting and happy relationships by keeping them connected with their partners

Our Story

Purpink Gifts Ltd is a full-service artisan gifting, branding and florist business specializing in gift design for companies, individuals, and spaces. We have backgrounds in floral design, event planning, logistics, e-commerce, graphic design, and branding.

Purpink Gifts LTD was founded by two individuals with a passion for detailed gifting and corporate branding and incorporated under the Kenyan Companies Act in 2013.

Our Client

Are you an innovative business seeking to elevate client experience? You value aesthetic and convenience equally and are thrilled to finally find a partner to entrust with your gifting from beginning to end. No more rushing from store to store, pulling things together at the last minute. No more messy assembly lines in your living rooms at home, or conference rooms at the office, immediately before an event!

Purpink Gifts' clients have different occasions for gifting but they share one thing in common…they are relaxed knowing gifting is entirely off of their shoulders and onto ours.

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