Top 5 things you should know about corporate gifting

The holidays are almost here and it’s time to start preparing to gift your clients, top performing staff or business partners. Well, if you want to make corporate gifting a success, here are the top 5 bits we have gathered over the years from our corporate gifting experience. If you follow these top 5 tips, your corporate gifting is guaranteed to be easier, stress-free and will resonate with your clients. 


Tiering helps you to easily separate your clients into their respective segments based on their importance to you and ensures no one is ignored or left out. 

We tier gifts into 3 main categories which are Executive, Mid-Tier and Entry Level 

This tier consists of your most important clients and high spending clients. They are your most important people in your business hence you push most of your resources and thinking to them since you want to impress them. 
This tier is a collection of important customers and staff. They are not as strong as your high spenders but they rank evenly through the year. You need to consider them and give them something slightly special and take a little bit more time thinking of what to gift them. However, as opposed to Executive gifts, their gifts don’t need to be overly specific or overly thought out. 
This is the basic part of your gifting. You gift people your business is associated with although they are not high profile. They are sure to appreciate the gifts sent to them. If in your list you find clients who don’t spend much but deserve some appreciation, then Entry-Level is where they will fit in. Most companies resort to giving mass branded items for the Entry-Level tier.  


Budgeting helps you allocate a specific amount of funds to your whole gifting. Very many SMEs do not consider budgeting when doing their gifts 

How much should I spend? Well, this is highly dependent on various factors, one of the important ones being your company’s total revenue. Your gifting budget should be derived from the company’s annual gross revenue. A reasonable amount would be between 1-2% of the company’s annual gross revenue. 

If you feel that 1-2% is still not sufficient and you would like to make an extra splurge this year, you can tap into your marketing budget and customer experience budget because gifting is considered a crucial part of these two. 

Once you create your budget, then this can be allocated to your tiers with your Executive tier taking up the highest part of the budget and it trickles down to the entry level tier which takes the lowest budget. 

If you are still having trouble deciding what to spend on who, you can consult a Purpink Gifts corporate team member who can assist you to efficiently split your budget and create tiers among your clients. 


Why is data so important in gifting? The average Kenyan CEO receives between 20-30 diaries during end year gifting. Will he or she use yours? Probably not 

Data plays a crucial role because in most cases, your Executive tier of partners are also being gifted as Executive clients in other organisations.  

Contact us to get the perfect gifts to send to your top-level clients to avoid sending duplicate items or items they are not particularly interested in.  

Our gifting experts will also advise you on culture appropriate gifts. For example, you would not want to send a 10-year-old bottle of Scotch to a Muslim or send gold or satin garments to a Muslim man (Guess you didn’t know about this). That would definitely be the easiest way to mess your relationship with the recipient. 


Branding is one aspect you want to seriously consider. This is one way to ensure you stay top of mind and many companies during end of year gifting are competing for visible space among a set of clients and partners. Your gifts need to be branded in the most unique and intelligent way to make sure you create a lasting impression.  

At Purpink Gifts, we have an in-house branding and design team and our team can help you get the best out of your branding.  

MOQ? We do not have any MOQ. Whether you would like order in tens, hundreds or thousands, we will simply adapt to the needs of each client. 


So you finally managed to order all your gifts and here they are stuck in your office. You are probably wondering how you will deliver them to all your clients without making it a hustle.  

Most companies don’t consider delivery as part of the budget when gifting. For example, a company may spend Kes. 2000 on a gift item and then spend an extra Kes. 500 just to get a cab to deliver so the company ends up spending Kes. 2500 which is a high cost. 

Apart from the high cost of delivery, during packaging, some gift packages end up getting messed due to lack of proper handling. 

At Purpink Gifts, we have a specialised logistics center where we can store and distribute your packages for you.  

Our advanced delivery system will enable you to track each and every order and receive alerts once delivered and the recipient signs for it. 

We deliver to every town in Kenya and if you still have recipients located across different countries, we can deliver across the world via partners such as DHL 

Would you like to make corporate gifting a blast this year? Contact our corporate team on +254791200000 or email us at and out experts will be happy to assist you. Better yet, you can check out our website, and our experts will be more than ready to assist you through the process.