New Norm of Customer Service Week Gifting During COVID

Customer Service Week is a time for celebration and reflection of the milestones set and targets met for your company. COVID restrictions change the dynamics of celebrating CS Week this year.

CS week gifts are forms of appreciating your team for providing customers an easier time during the pandemic. They metaphorically held customers' hands during this time of uncertainty. They remained calm to serve them efficiently. Below are ideal gift ideas for them:

Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts embody The Power of Service, as per the 2021 Customer Service Week theme. These include:

  1. Tech gifts

A personalised tech business gift set is perfect for your staff who love tech. Non-personalised tech items to get them include a power bank, flash drive, phone holder, wearable activity tracker, Bluetooth EarPods, and Bluetooth speakers. Add a smart A4 folder with a wireless power bank to seal the deal.

  1. Cupcakes

You cannot go wrong with a cake during any celebration. A cake with an inspiring quote and their name sent to them using Purpink's reliable delivery service is a great way to surprise your working from home customer service team. As far as appreciation gifts go, this one is perfect.

  1. Stationery

Cute personalised stationery will motivate your team to get into work mode and at the same time feel appreciated. Choose from our collection of notebooks, journals, organisers, planners, and pens and personalise them for your workers.

  1. More Personalised gifts

Other personalised items you can include are a passport holder, lunch bag, thermos, water bottle, card, wooden plaque, washbag, wallet, and mug.


Celebration gift hampers sent to your working from home or in the office CS team informs them their contribution and presence is valued. Hampers can be filled with edibles or non-edibles. Choose versatile thank you gifts in a hamper and put a smile on the faces of your customer service team. Get inspiration from the following:

  1. Treats

A hamper could be a banquet of treats to match the celebratory mood. Treats include bars of chocolate, cookies, truffles, tea, coffee, honey, nuts, and flowers to add to the merriment.

  1. Drinks

A complete whisky gift basket with a set of wooden coasters with fun writings, and whiskey glasses says ‘I appreciate you’ better than words.

  1. Selfcare

Your workers will enjoy a thoughtful self-care package with bath and body works, fragrant candles, essential oils, lotions, room spray, and other items. Get male workers scented candles, beard oil and balms, beard comb, and a leather comb holder too.

Browse our collection of customer service gifts and place your order to lift your teams’ spirits without having to scratch your head too much about what you can get them!